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Playing God with AI

This week, I decided to play god. Or at least explore the latest AI tool, God Mode space. God Mode is a tool where you can put in a prompt, and it will generate and act on tasks until the project is complete.

Signing up for a free account, I entered the prompt “explore the possibility of marketing with AI.”

God Mode suggested a couple of tasks, including:

  1. Research AI marketing tools and technologies

  2. Analyze the potential benefits and drawbacks of using AI in marketing

  3. Develop a plan for implementing AI in marketing campaigns.

I accepted the suggestions, and God Mode kicked off the request. Within seconds, God Mode responded with its thoughts, reasoning, proposed next actions, and a request to approve the plan.

#1. God Mode Thoughts: “I think the first step should be to research AI marketing tools and technologies.”

#2. God Mode Thoughts: “Now that I have found relevant information on AI marketing tools (look above), I will analyze the potential benefits and drawbacks of using AI in marketing.”

#3. God Mode Thoughts: “To ensure that I am using AI effectively in marketing campaigns, I will research the available AI marketing tools and determine which ones are most appropriate for each area.”

I added feedback: "Please develop a plan for implementing AI in marketing campaigns in a step-by-step format, including tools.”

#4. God Mode Thoughts: Taking my feedback to heart (does God Mode have a heart?), God Mode provided a detailed step-by-step plan and suggested developing a plan for implementing AI in marketing campaigns.

#5. God Mode Thoughts: God Mode doesn’t stop there. Next, it suggests that “to ensure that the marketing team is properly trained on how to use AI marketing tools, I will develop a training program that covers the benefits and limitations of AI in marketing.” Of course, I approve that plan, curious to see what God Mode will net out.

After running God Mode a couple more times, God Mode believes that writing a guide for tracking and evaluating marketing campaigns will be useful.

Whew! Finally, below is a screenshot of the entire process outlined above. God Mode outlines the tasks, each related subtask, and results on the left panel. On the right, God Mode shares its thoughts, reasonings, and proposed actions.


  • Accuracy — 4/5. God Mode provided what I asked for. The results were streamlined.

  • Ease of Use — 3/5. Since it was my first time, and I skipped any preliminary research or instruction guides, I wasn’t fully sure how to use it or what feedback to give. I wanted to see what God Mode can provide with limited guidelines.

  • Data Security — 2/5. Granted, I haven’t conducted much research on this, but I know that the program keeps my prompts and uses them to become smarter.

My overall reflection

God Mode was a unique platform and something I would love to continue to experiment with in the future. Imagine a CMO recently hired me to implement AI into her marketing team. She would expect a detailed proposal, outline, and next steps and probably would like me to start the initial process and identify or onboard the AI tools.

God Mode provided a decent initial outline and included steps I may not consider. As an AI marketing consultant, I would probably do the following:

  1. Interview the CMO and understand her company, her industry, her customers, and her marketing challenges

  2. Formalize my AI marketing implementation plan customized specifically to this company

  3. Identify vetted and trusted vendors and provide the report

  4. If I used God Mode, I would run my thought process through the platform after the first three steps to identify areas I may have missed.

  5. Using my industry knowledge, company research, third-party investigative reports, and potential support from God Mode’s generative AI, I will initiate the end project deliverable and align on implementation steps.

So there you have it. If you haven’t yet, I definitely recommend taking a look at God Mode. And if you are interested in the cross-section of Marketing and AI, subscribe to my publication, The Marketer’s Guide to the AI Galaxy.

Disclaimer: This article is partially brought to you by various AI tools, including God Mode, ChatGPT, and Grammarly.

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