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Marketing Portfolio and
Work Samples

Tech Experience

  • Technology

  • Start-up

  • B2B Software-as-a-service(SaaS)

  • Cloud Computing

  • Internet

  • Cybersecurity

  • Enterprise

  • Health-tech

  • Biopharma


  • AI Marketing

  • Product Marketing

  • Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Partner Marketing

  • Customer Marketing

  • Sales Enablement

  • Content Marketing

  • Integrated Marketing

  • B2B SaaS Marketing

  • Product Lifecycle

  • Segmentation

  • Customer Insights

  • High-Impact Presentation

  • Leadership

Technical Skills

  • AI Tools

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Salesforce

  • WordPress

  • Workfront

  • Pardot

  • Mailchimp

  • Sprout Social

  • Adobe Acrobat

  • Active Campaign

  • Hubspot

  • Google Ads

  • SEO Copywriting

Work Samples

Product Marketing Consultation
Project #1

Background: Provide consulting and guidance to SaaS startups ranging from pre-seed to IPO


Role: Led the product marketing strategy, including crafting a value proposition, positioning, messaging, competitive intelligence, persona and segmentation, sales enablement, and content creation

Stakeholders: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, customer success director, growth marketer, and digital marketer


  • Utilize primary and secondary methods to identify competitive advantage, differentiator, and persona, leading to crafting detailed segmentation and messaging to aid in marketing campaigns, go-to-market strategy, and content marketing

  • Launch the product marketing department's best practices for a Series A e-commerce SaaS startup, implementing and documenting new processes for case studies, net-new product launch marketing campaigns, and product release cross-functional communication plans 

  • Collaborate with product management and sales to develop positioning and align marketing plans to the promotion of product releases

Results: ​​

  • Present to the Chief Executive Officer on company differentiation, positioning, and customer segmentation, which led to the redesign of the company's website and content marketing

  • Establish and improve product development processes through customer interviews

  • Identify and propose a training vendor for 1,000 sales representatives

Customer, Partner and Content Marketing
Project #2

Background: Hired to launch the Customer and Partner Marketing for a SaaS firm based in the Silicon Valley


Role: Led the marketing campaign, including strategy, tactics, and content creation

Stakeholders: VP of Product, Chief Revenue Officer, VP of Channel Sales, sales development representatives (SDRs), product managers, and engineers


  • Construct, implement, and enhance national marketing initiatives to maximize outreach and sales for SaaS cloud-native products, increasing overall brand awareness and lead generation

  • Design creative sales tools, including presentations, trend reports, kitted assets, product data sheets while directing successful SEO and link-building campaigns to increase the website credibility and traffic

  • Develop trailblazing Partner and Customer strategy initiatives, creating various programs for technical consultations, peer connection, incentive program, spotlight program and review campaigns to increase customer engagement and drive firm profits

Results: ​​

  • The newsletter's actual marketing qualified leads (MQL) was 108% over planned MQL within two weeks and grew subscribers by 44%

  • Play a key role in the expansion of channel partnerships, directing marketing campaign strategies such as email drip campaigns, SEO display ads, webinars, and events, indirectly contributing to a 150% partner base growth 

  • Launch four Customer Marketing program initiatives within seven months of joining the firm

  • Earn the firm more than14 industry award badges on G2 

Head of Content for a $20M Series A Startup
Project #3

Background: Hired to lead and launch the content marketing division, including strategy, tactics and hiring


Role: Head of Content Marketing

Stakeholders: Sales, customer success, contractors, events, growth team


  • Design an integrated content department, spearheading the marketing strategy and team hiring, training, and onboarding

  • Align with Growth marketing to propose and launch the Content department, including strategy, implementation, promotion strategy and KPIs  

  • Support sales and account management by providing tools for successful sales growth, including customer success stories, technical blog posts, website content and testimonial quotes

Results: Grew content marketing team by 400%

Go-To-Market Marketing Program
Project #4

Background: The marketing team receives ad hoc requests for high-profile, mass-personalized account-based marketing campaigns. However, the firm lacked a standardized process or playbook

Role: Formalize a marketing program and playbook by interviewing over 40+ stakeholders, obtain buy-in from VP of Sales and Group VP and led the marketing campaign, including strategy, tactics, sales training, post-launch metrics and content creation

Stakeholders: Sales, operations, product managers, legal, compliance, design, privacy, contracts, regional pharmacists


  • Devise the name and brand for the launch of the program

  • Identify top 3 common situations and requests (e.g., access change, access loss, access win)

  • Develop a comprehensive tiering program and 'menu' of tactics

  • Initiate key metrics for previous campaigns, including pre/post sales and revenue lift, A/B testing open rates, bounce rates, click-thru-rates


  • Launch over 30 customized and high profile GTM campaigns and increase revenue to 2M within one month of campaign launch

  • Present to Group VP and obtain leadership and stakeholder buy-in and program awareness

  • Became the go-to-expert and train sales and directors on Program initiatives

  • Achieve up to 30% script increase and 26% revenue increase year over year in select campaign

Product Management: COVID-19 Test and Treatment
Project #5

Background: COVID-19  increase the urgent need for tests and treatment options

Role: Selected to lead and supervise a team of two analysts to determine:

                1. key manufacturers to partner

                2. customer and product roadmap

                3. competitive intelligence

                4. business models

Stakeholders: Health outcomes, retail and pharmacy VP, clinical, Chief Medical Officer, parent company partners, and vendors


  • Oversaw the analysis of 100+ COVID-19 test options, identify five key criteria, and recommend ten potential manufacturers to Group VP of Pharmacy, contribute to the "Test and Protect" Program product roadmap

  • Introduce four business models which are immediately implemented 

  • Formulate a customer roadmap journey for employer and employees, identify key components to implement in firm-wide operation rollout

  • Launch the competitive intelligence dashboard to senior leadership

  • Present the 'COVID 19 Test and Treatment Report' and 'Competitor Intelligence Dashboard' on a bi-weekly basis to senior leadership, including the Chief Medical Officer


  • Partnership with LabCorp and Abbott

  • Roll out test facilities in 49 states with over 6 million COVID-19 tests conducted in one year

Thought Leadership: Technology Book and Leadership Series
Project #6

Background: Launch thought leadership initiatives, including authoring and publishing a book on innovation and founding The Leadership Edge series

Role: Launch The Art of Healthcare Innovation and Leadership Edge

Stakeholders:  PR, editor, digital, book publisher, designers


  • Craft customer persona, value proposition, messaging, and call to action

  • Develop product name and brand 

  • Design content creation strategy and tactics, including social media content, landing page, paid advertising, video, e-book, case studies, and book summaries

  • Built thought leadership outreach with publicists and professors, including guest posting, PR release, and podcasts


  • Book:

    • Instant #1 Amazon Best-seller, 2020 Axiom Business Book Award, 2020 Readers Favorite Gold Award Winner, and over 100+ Amazon book reviews

    • Endorse by NYT Bestselling author Marshall Goldsmith

    • Book is selected by professors nation-wide as a class resource

  • Leadership Edge:

    • Interview C-suite executives, celebrities, sports stars, and world leaders 

    • Rank #1 leadership writer on Medium, articles achieved over 18,000 views in one month

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