Marketing Portfolio

Integrated Marketing Campaign for California

Project #1

Background: A government-mandated access change is set to launch 4/1/2020, and stakeholders request a multi-channel, end to end, integrated marketing campaign


Role: Led the marketing campaign, including strategy, tactics, sales training, post-launch metrics and content creation

Stakeholders: Sales, operations, product managers, legal, compliance, design, privacy, contracts and creative


  • Spearhead cross-functional stakeholder strategic sessions to craft customer persona, value proposition, messaging and call to actions

  • Implement content management strategy and tactics, including email drip campaign, physician letters, and sales enablement leave-behinds

  • Collaborate with the Regional Sales Director to integrate sales strategy and call plan around marketing initiatives

  • Launch sales training for over 20 regional sales representatives

Results: Increase revenue to 2M within one month of campaign launch

Go-To-Market Marketing Program

Project #2

Background: The marketing team receives ad hoc requests for high-profile, mass-personalized account-based marketing campaigns. However, the firm lacked a standardized process or playbook

Role: Formalize a marketing program and playbook by interviewing over 40+ stakeholders, obtain buy-in from VP of Sales and Group VP of Pharmacy

Stakeholders: Sales, operations, product managers, legal, compliance, design, privacy, contracts, consumer and payor marketing, regional pharmacists


  • Devise the name and brand for the launch of the program

  • Identify top 3 common situation and requests (e.g., access change, access loss, access win)

  • Develop a comprehensive tiering program and 'menu' of tactics

  • Define a formal RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) Chart

  • Formulate a GANNT chart to outline the timeline

  • Initiate key metrics for previous campaigns, including pre/post sales and revenue lift, A/B testing open rates, bounce rates, click-thru-rates

  • Establish a process for partner and customer marketing


  • Present to Group VP of Pharmacy  and obtain leadership and stakeholder buy-in and program awareness

  • Became the go-to-expert and train sales and directors in Medicaid, Medicare, and Commercial teams on Program initiatives

  • Launch over 30 customized and high profile GTM campaigns 

  • Achieve up to 30% script increase and 26% revenue increase year over year in select campaigns

Product Marketing: COVID-19 Test and Treatment 

Project #3

Background: COVID-19  increase the urgent need for tests and treatment options

Role: Selected to lead and supervise a team of two analysts to determine:

                1. key manufacturers to partner

                2. customer and product roadmap

                3. competitive intelligence

                4. business models

Stakeholders: Health outcomes, retail and pharmacy VP, clinical, Chief Medical Officer, parent company partners, and vendors


  • Oversaw the analysis of 100+ COVID-19 test options, identify five key criteria, and recommend ten potential manufacturers to Group VP of Pharmacy, contribute to the "Test and Protect" Program product roadmap

  • Introduce four business models which are immediately implemented 

  • Formulate a customer roadmap journey for employer and employees, identify key components to implement in firm-wide operation rollout

  • Launch the competitive intelligence dashboard to senior leadership

  • Present the 'COVID 19 Test and Treatment Report' and 'Competitor Intelligence Dashboard' on a bi-weekly basis to senior leadership, including the Chief Medical Officer


  • Partnership with LabCorp and Abbott

  • Roll out test facilities in 49 states with over 6 million COVID-19 tests conducted in one year

Thought Leadership: Book and Leadership Series 

Project #4

Background: Launch thought leadership initiatives, including authoring and publishing a book on innovation and founding The Leadership Edge series

Role: Launch The Art of Healthcare Innovation and Leadership Edge

Stakeholders:  PR, editor, digital, book publisher, designers


  • Craft customer persona, value proposition, messaging, and call to actions

  • Develop product name and brand 

  • Design content creation strategy and tactics, including social media content, landing page, paid advertising, video, e-book, case studies, and book summaries

  • Engineered thought leadership outreach with publicists and professors, including guest posting, PR release, and podcasts


  • Book:

    • Instant #1 Amazon Best-seller, 2020 Axiom Business Book Award, 2020 Readers Favorite Gold Award Winner, and over 100+ Amazon book reviews

    • Endorse by NYT Bestselling author Marshall Goldsmith

    • Book is selected by professors nation-wide as class resource

  • Leadership Edge:

    • Interview C-suite executives, celebrities, sports stars, and world leaders 


  • Start-up

  • Software-as-a-service(SaaS)

  • Cloud Computing

  • Cybersecurity

  • Enterprise

  • Health-tech

  • Provider

  • Payor

  • Biopharma


  • Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Partner Marketing

  • Customer Marketing

  • Product Marketing

  • Sales Enablement

  • Content Marketing

  • Integrated Marketing

  • B2B SaaS Marketing

  • Product Lifecycle

  • Segmentation

  • Customer Insights

  • High-Impact Presentation

  • Leadership

Technical Skills

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Salesforce

  • WordPress

  • Workfront

  • Pardot

  • Mailchimp

  • Sprout Social

  • Adobe Acrobat

  • Marketo

  • Hubspot

  • Google Ads

  • SEO Copywriting

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